The Alcoholics Anonymous treatment center of Riverside is committed to helping those suffering from alcohol addiction connect with the resources that they need. The different treatment options can be overwhelming and confusing and our support staff is here to help make the process go more smoothly.

Alcoholism affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. Alcohol use has been on the rise and steadily increasing among all demographics in recent years. More than 80,000 people die from complications of alcoholism each year. The statistics are startling.

Alcohol poisoning kills six people per day on average across the country. Of those six people that are killed by alcohol poisoning, 76% of them are adults between the ages of thirty and sixty. It is estimated that close to 15 million people struggling with alcohol dependency in the united states. Of those 15 million people only 8% recognize that they are in need of treatment and move forward with getting the help that they need.

Alcoholism has become especially prevalent in Illinois. In the state of Illinois 6% more people reported having issues with binge drinking than in other states across the country. Underage drinking has become more of a problem than ever before in the state. That is why the Alcoholics Anonymous treatment center of Riverside is committed to making sure that the residents of Illinois have access to the information that they need.

At the Alcoholics Anonymous treatment center of Riverside, we offer a wide range of services to assist on your journey to recovery. We host Alcoholic Anonymous meetings throughout the week. In addition to that we also hold space for smaller group counseling sessions, and one on one substance abuse counseling for those that are in need of more intensive care. We also offer early intervention services for those who feel as though they may be at risk of developing a more serious drinking problem.

Detoxing from alcohol can be dangerous, and should not be attempted alone. This is especially true if alcohol addiction has persisted for many years. When a person has been struggling with alcoholism for years the effects with withdrawal can be life-threatening. That is why we have invested our energy and effort into creating a medically assisted detoxification program. Our medically trained staff will help to ensure that you are getting through your detoxification process in a safe and comfortable setting.