The incredible 8 St Thomas Condo

Are you tired or looking for new residential home? Do you want to have comfort and enjoy luxurious home services? Well, look no further as 8 St Thomas offers you the ultimate answer of all time. It is my belief that you desire to invest in a good home where you will not regret. Let us find out why 8 St Thomas is the incredible place to be in this century.

1. Location.

8 St Thomas is located at what many would term as the heart of Singapore. You will not be disappointed once in this state of the art residence. Being next to the Great World City, you get to enjoy shopping services all the time. This mall offers you everything you need, all under one roof. It has kids rooms, shopping joints, and even food joints. More and more services are available for you just at a 5-minute walk from your house. Furthermore, your kids will not be bored in the house anymore. At their free time, they can visit Scape which offers entertainment for them, and also they be able to nurture their talents. As a parent, you don’t need to drive or accompany them as Scope is located 500m away from your house (

2. Accessibility.

You would want to walk or drive to work very fast, visit the shopping center in the evening, or even drop your kids to school early in the morning without compromising on time. Worry not, as the proximity of Orchard Road which enables you to access almost every corner of Singapore is your solution. This road will enable you to visit entertainment joints, shopping malls, town center and schools within a blink of any eye. It, therefore, guarantees you quick access to wherever you may desire from 8 St Thomas.

3. Social amenities.

Don’t worry about where you or your children will spend their leisure time. Why 8 St Thomas is an incredible place to live is because, your children will have play field to enjoy themselves, a swimming pool for relaxation or even learning. For fitness sake, this estate is equipped with in-house fitness center where you can have workouts at your own time. Security is assured as there is total surveillance through out the day and night. A caretaker is also available just incase something needs attention. Isn’t this what you call comfort and luxury in one pack?

4. Learning institutions.

You may not even need the school bus to pick your child as schools are all around you. Presence of International School Singapore, River Valley Primary and Nursery School and many others assure you the variety you have to choose from for your child’s schooling. The accessibility to these schools is convenient to you as a parent when you want to drop or pick your child.

5. Food joints.

After a hard days’ work, you may feel so fatigued that cooking becomes difficult. Finding food won’t be a nightmare as there are thousands of food joints. Along Orchard Road, you will find many restaurants, bars, clubs, tourist destination joints among others. In the shopping malls, you will also enjoy bakery services and food supplies. I hope to find you next at 8 St Thomas.