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The “Ludovic-Giuly” Alcohol Treatment & Rehab of Riverside is committed to helping those suffering from alcohol addiction connect with the resources that they need.

Upbuilding Group Meetings

Take part an upbuilding and encouraging group meetings that is held weekly.

Heart Rendering Member Experiences

Listen to heart rendering and touching experiences from our members.

Great Resource

We offer incredible amount of information that will help you succeed in a short time.

Highest Standards of Treatments

We follow the highest medical process in our treatment of alcohol addiction

Great Support Team

We have a wonderful team of supporters who are willing to patiently listen to you.

Professional Medical Practices

We follow the highest standard of medical professionalism during treatment.

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our treatment process

At The “Ludovic-Giuly” Alcohol Treatment & Rehab of Riverside, we offer a wide variety of tools and resources to assist people with recovery

  • Flexible Treatment Plans

    We recognize that all people have different lifestyles and needs, which is why we aim for flexibility with the treatment plans that we have developed for those looking to recover.

  • Inpatient Treatment

    Our inpatient treatment program also allows for continued support throughout the day, which is often needed by those who are recovering from alcoholism that has spanned years.

  • Outpatient Treatment

    We offer intensive outpatient programs that allow the person in recovery to live at home while receiving their treatment.